ukTypes of Manipulators

Manipulators are come in all shapes and sizes

A manipulator is a device used under human control to manipulate materials without direct requiring contact. The materials are often heavy, radioactive, bio hazardous or in inaccessible places.

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Industrial Manipulators

Pneumatic Manipulators

Lift Assistors

Material Handling Manipulators

Manipulator Arm

Overhead Trolley Mounted Manipulators

Column-mounted Manipulators

More about Industrial Manipulators

Industrial Manipulators enable the safe, ergonomic and efficient handling of products of virtually any size and material up to and beyond 600 kg.

Industrial Manipulators are often custom-built to integrate your industrial environment and integrate with the machinery you use. Industrial Manipulators improve productivity and whilst meeting international standards required for manual movement of loads.

The manipulator and the gripping tooling will often turn to 360° working from compressed air with pneumatic circuits for the weight balancing of the tooling with or without a load.

Industrial Manipulator Types

column-mounted manipulatorColumn-mounted Manipulators

Column-mounted industrial manipulators are fitted with a base-plate fixed firmly to the facility floor. Column-mounted Manipulators can be also fitted with a portable base-plate, enabling the Column-mounted Manipulator to be easily moved using a forklift truck or a pallet truck. More...

overhead trolley-mounted manipulatorOverhead Trolley-mounted Manipulators

Overhead Trolley-mounted Manipulators enable the movement of loads across large industrial spaces where the floor area has too many obstacles. The Industrial Manipulators are fixed to a sliding trolley which runs along an overhead runway track.

overhead manipulatorOverhead Manipulators

Overhead Industrial Manipulators are fixed to a ceiling plate to enable the efficient lifting of loads over a floor space which has obstacles.

These are suited to smaller floor spaces and are fixed to ceiling mounted reinforced plates or other support structures.


A Micromanipulator is a device which is used to physically interact with a sample under a microscope, where a exact level of precision of movement is necessary that is unachievable by an unaided human hand. A wide range of accessories enable Micromanipulators to address virtually any application requirement.


Telemanipulators extend the dexterous manipulative capabilities of human operators into a hazardous environment. Most Telemanipulators are custom manufactured to ensure compatibility and to suit the customer's facility. Sealed Telemanipulators completely isolate the operator from the slave-end and can be installed in vacuum chambers or inert atmosphere enclosures.

manual manipulatorManual Manipulators

Non-motorised manipulators which are operated by hand. These can be used under the microscope for scientific experimental tasks under low magnifications. Some Manual Manipulators are used for injections ensuring stable injection into the target.

Industrial Applications for Manipulators

Industrial Manipulators are used in many Industry Sectors. Here's a few...

Automotive Industry

The Motor Industry use Industrial Manipulators for the handling of body parts and components.

Building and Construction Industry

The building and construction manufacturing industry use Industrial Manipulators for the handling of paving slabs, sewerage and drainage pipe, concrete products and other heavy and cumbersome loads.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry use Industrial Manipulators to lift and handle hazardous chemicals.

Electronics Industry

The electronic industry use Industrial Manipulators for handling fragile and heavy loads such as televisions, air conditioning units, electrical appliances, refrigerators, washing machines many other delicate products.

Food Industry

Industrial Manipulators are extensively used in the food industry. Many loads such as dairy products, whole cheeses, meats, processed food packages, bottles, carton boxes, food bags etc.


Foundries use Industrial Manipulators for the handling of foundry buckets, crucibles, rims, foundry pieces, moulds, precision castings and other heavy items.

Packaging Industry

The packaging industry use Industrial Manipulators special toolings for the handling of pallets, bobbins, containers, bags, boxes etc.

Furniture Industry

The furniture industry use Industrial Manipulators for the handling of furniture parts and packaged units.

Mechanical Industry

The mechanical industry use Industrial Manipulators for the handling of a variety of engine and transmission parts such as shafts, suspension leaf spings, gearboxes, metal sheets, tanks, rolls etc.

Textile Industry

The textile industry use Industrial Manipulators for the handling of packaged garments.