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Industrial Manipulators are devices used under human control to manipulate materials without direct contact. Industrial Manipulators are often used to handle heavy objects and materials and sometimes can be radioactive, biohazardous or in inaccessible places.

Industrial Manipulators have armlike mechanisms on a robotic system that consists of a series of segments, usually sliding or jointed which grasp and move objects with a number of degrees of freedom, under automatic control.

Brian Humber Limited are UK representatives of the Italian lifting specialists Manibo srl. Manibo's Industrial Manipulators can handle any load of up to 600 kg. A custom-built end effector can be applied to the manipulator arm to suit the customer’s specific need and enable the operator to move the load quickly and easily in absolute safety.

Gripping is carried out  by vacuum, pneumatic grippers, magnets or mechanical clamps, depending on which system is most appropriate for the individual application.

Manibo's pneumatic manipulators can be used to lift, tilt, rotate or incline any product which is too heavy or awkward to handle manually.

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